Simi Sarin

Simi started working as an optometrist with optomed in May 2021. She has a Bachelor of Medical Science (Vision Science) from Flinders University, and a Master of Optometry with the award for Clinical Excellence in Optometry from Optometry SA. She also received the Chancellor Letters of Commendation (Year 1-5).

She has been practising a full scope of optometry including contact lenses, myopia control and dry eye management and also has expertise in fitting RGP lenses for keratoconic and irregular corneal profiles as well as management of binocular vision disorders. Other interests include IPL (laser) therapy for the management of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and evaporative dry eye.

Simi is able to make appropriate and timely diagnoses as well as co-managing complex anterior and posterior eye conditions with the relevant health professionals including GP’s and ophthalmologists. She is also qualified to prescribe ophthalmic medicines for the management of acute and chronic anterior eye diseases.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Simi established a telehealth clinic for the practice she was working in at the time which facilitated patient access and triaging of ocular emergencies for ophthalmologists.

Simi has worked as an optometrist in several practices in Adelaide after graduation and has more recently been practising in Western Australia. She has even worked overseas as part of an International Clinical Placement  in regional Nepal in association with Rotary Australia World Community Service. She has also published research papers in Experimental Eye Research and Advances of Myopia Research.

We are extremely fortunate to have Simi working with us as we are now able to offer a much wider range of optometric care for our patients, in particular the prescribing of many different drugs for the treatment of a wide variety of eye conditions, and the detection and management of many eye diseases.